Krup Awards

The “Krup Awards”, established by Krup Music and Krup Productions in association with the Give Vacha Foundation and Esy ID, celebrate outstanding talent across various fields, including Music, Entertainment, Education, Social Work, and Literature. Launched in 2015, the awards initially focused on the music sector with the inception of the “Sur Gujarat Ke” awards. Over time, they have evolved to recognize excellence in a wide array of disciplines.


The Krup Awards: Honoring Excellence Across Multiple Fields

In the realm of Music, the Krup Awards began with “Sur Gujarat Ke” and expanded to include other prestigious contests such as “Nach Le,” “The Global Gujarat Show,” “Kutch Talent Hunt,” “The Magical Musician,” “Awesome Adakaar,” “Sur Hindustan Ke,” and “Krup Open Mic.” Winners of these contests receive accolades for their exceptional talents and contributions to the arts.

Beyond music and entertainment, the Krup Awards also honor remarkable individuals with titles such as “Gift of Time Ambassador,” “Gunje Gita Ambassador,” and “Global Clubfoot Awareness Ambassador.” These awards recognize the significant impact of individuals in various sectors, including community service and cultural promotion.

As part of its ongoing evolution, the Krup Awards are set to expand further. The introduction of the “Krup Film Awards” will honor excellence in filmmaking, while the “Krup Music Awards” will continue to spotlight musical achievements. Additionally, the “Global Literature & Cultural Awards” will recognize outstanding contributions to literature and cultural initiatives.

Through these diverse categories, the Krup Awards remain committed to celebrating and nurturing talent, providing a platform for individuals to gain recognition and inspire others. The awards not only highlight individual achievements but also contribute to the cultural and social fabric of society, encouraging excellence across various fields.