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Casting for Kutchi rock song: Auditions for singers, dancers, actors, and choreographers

The Krup Universe is excited to announce a remarkable opportunity for emerging talents in the fields of music and performing arts. Dr. Krupesh Thacker, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has declared open auditions for singers, dancers, choreographers, actors, and art directors to join his upcoming Kutchi rock song project. This special song, dedicated to the Kutchi New Year, will be a vibrant addition to the cultural celebrations and is set to launch during the Kutchi Mijaaj festival.

The Kutchi Mijaaj festival is recognized as the longest literature and music festival in the world, drawing enthusiasts and artists from various corners of the globe. Scheduled around the Ashadhi Bij Parv, this festival is a grand celebration of Kutchi heritage, literature, and music. Dr. Krupesh Thacker‘s new project aims to encapsulate the spirit of this festival and the essence of Kutchi culture.

Dr. Krupesh, who has made significant contributions to both the healthcare and music industries, is committed to introducing new talents from Kutch. Through this project, he seeks to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their skills and gain recognition. This initiative is in collaboration with the Global Literature & Cultural Club – Kutch, which is dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic endeavors in the region.

The song, written and produced by Dr. Krupesh Thacker, promises to be a captivating piece that blends traditional Kutchi elements with contemporary rock influences. It will not only celebrate the New Year but also highlight the rich musical heritage of Kutch.

To participate in this exciting project, aspiring artists are invited to send their portfolios to This is a unique chance to to work with one of the most esteemed figures in the music industry.