Sur Hindustan Ke | Singing Contest for Worldwide Indian Singers

The “Sur Hindustan Ke” competition is the most extensive online singing contest for worldwide Indian singers. Unsigned performers are given the opportunity to display their ability and debut themselves as backup singers via the use of this platform. The Krup Music Record Label Company served as the show’s producer. In terms of the show’s production, Krup Productions is the company in charge. The Indian community all over the world has the finest opportunity to showcase their talents via this singing contest show. Notable musician and composer Dr. Krupesh serves as the show’s creative director, mentor, and judge. As the show’s brand ambassador, Parv, who has the title of Youngest Singer in Asia, and Vacha, who holds the title of Youngest Singer in India, have been recruited.

Sur Hindustan Ke - Singing Contest for Worldwide Indian Singers

The Krup Awards are a prestigious award that is given to the winners of the Sur Hindustan Ke contest. Furthermore, the Krup Music Record Label gives these victors a platform to perform on a worldwide scale, guaranteeing that their music will be heard by people all over the the world.


If you would like to take part in Sur Hindustan Ke Singing Competition, please fill in your details in this form below and send your name & city to WhatsApp no. +91 9265644011. You will be required to pay registration fees. Due to a large number of entries, NO PHONE CALL PLEASE.

Sur Hindustan Ke WINNERS are launched in Krup Music’s Album/Movie.

NOTE: Fill out separate forms for registration in more than one competition.

Registration Fees: 500 INR Per Person Per Contest (India) | 30 USD Per Person Per Contest (International)

Sur Hindustan Ke Team

Creative Director, Mentor & Judge: Dr. Krupesh Thacker
Brand Ambassador: Vacha & Parv
Program Creator: Krup Productions
Music Label Partner: Krup Music Record Label
Branding Partner: Esy ID, The Krup Universe
NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation

FAQs for Sur Hindustan Ke Show

What is Sur Hindustan Ke?

Sur Hindustan Ke is the singing contest for the Worldwide Indian Singers.

How to participate in Sur Hindustan Ke?

Submit the given form above. You will be contacted by the team on the registered phone number. After registration you can DM us on +91 9265644011.

What does the winner of the Sur Hindustan Ke get?

The winner of the Sur Hindustan Ke show is launched by Krup Music Label in their album/movie project.