The Global Gujarat Show | Krup Awards

“The Global Gujarat Show” awards, a distinguished segment of the Krup Awards, celebrate outstanding talent in the field of modeling. Established in 2020 by Krup Music in association with the Give Vacha Foundation, these awards recognize the winners of “The Global Gujarat Show” modeling contest. This prestigious event features four categories: Little Global Gujarat, Junior Global Gujarat, Miss Global Gujarat, and Mrs. Global Gujarat, offering a platform for models of various age groups to shine.

The Global Gujarat Show Awards: Honoring Excellence in Modeling

Winners of “The Global Gujarat Show” modeling contest receive not only the prestigious awards but also invaluable mentorship from the renowned singer-songwriter and filmmaker Dr. Krupesh Thacker. Under his expert guidance, these talented models refine their skills and are launched on a global stage by Krup Music Record Label. This mentorship and international exposure help propel their careers, enabling them to achieve significant success in the modeling industry.

The “Global Gujarat Show” awards are open to Gujarati models worldwide, reflecting the inclusive and expansive vision of Krup Music and the Give Vacha Foundation. By celebrating the diverse talent within the Gujarati modeling community, “The Global Gujarat Show” awards contribute to the enrichment of cultural heritage and the promotion of artistic and professional excellence in modeling.