Krup Open Mic | Krup Literature Awards

The “Krup Open Mic” awards, a distinguished part of the Krup Awards, recognize and celebrate the talents of Indian artists in poetry, comedy, and storytelling. These awards are presented to the winners of the “Krup Open Mic” contest, organized by Krup Music in association with the Give Vacha Foundation.

Krup Open Mic Awards: Celebrating Poetry, Comedy, and Storytelling Talents Worldwide

The “Krup Open Mic” contest has become a premier platform for poets, comedians, and storytellers to showcase their creative talents and gain recognition on a global scale. Winners of this contest receive mentorship from the esteemed singer-songwriter, director, and filmmaker Dr. Krupesh Thacker, who provides expert guidance to help them hone their craft and achieve excellence in their respective fields.

In addition to mentorship, the winners are launched worldwide by the Krup Music Record Label, offering them the opportunity to reach a global audience and make a significant impact in the world of performing arts. The “Krup Open Mic” awards are open to Indian artists worldwide, celebrating the rich diversity and creativity within the Indian artistic community.

Through these awards, Krup Music and the Give Vacha Foundation continue to support and elevate Indian poets, comedians, and storytellers, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community of artists dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence.