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Krup Music announces Kutchi Rock song for Kutchi Mijaaj literature & music festival

Krup Music is thrilled to announce the launch of the theme song for the longest Kutchi literature and music festival, “Kutchi Mijaaj.” Earlier, Krup Publishing, in association with Krup Music, Give Vacha Foundation, Esy ID, and the Global Literature & Cultural Club (GLCC) Kutch, revealed the dates for the 2nd season of this grand festival, set around Ashadhi Bij Parv.

Singer-Songwriter Dr. Krupesh Thacker is at the helm of this exciting project, bringing together an impressive lineup of talent. Artists from Parv Fusion Band, including the youngest singer and actor Parv Thacker, singer-music producer Vacha Thacker, and Dr. Krupesh Thacker himself, will contribute to this eagerly anticipated theme song. Talking about the song, singer-songwriter Dr. Krupesh said that the song is written to represent the attitude of Kutchi community and hence the title of the song is ‘Kutchi Mijaaj’. It is going to be the Kutchi Anthem to showcase the positive and constructive attitude of the region of Kutch and Kutchi people worldwide.


The project is currently in production and is expected to release soon during the festival. The song will be launched worldwide by Krup Music on the official channel of the record label and will also be available on 150+ audio platforms.

Stay tuned for more updates about the song and the Kutchi Mijaaj festival!