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Krup Health celebrates the anniversary of Heal Kutch Movement

On National Doctor’s Day, Krup Health proudly celebrates the one-year anniversary of the impactful Heal Kutch Movement. This initiative has empowered communities through health awareness campaigns, music therapy programs, strategic health camps, festive learning experiences, and preventive healthcare education.

The first year of the Heal Kutch Movement was a whirlwind of impactful initiatives. Educational workshops and awareness drives tackled sensitive issues like clubfoot, menstrual hygiene, and the challenges faced during puberty, empowering communities to take charge of their health. Recognising the power of music for healing, India’s renowned music therapist, Dr. Krupesh Thacker, implemented various programs. These programs catered to diverse needs, offering sessions for stress management, brain rewiring, and even music therapy specifically designed to support women during their menstrual cycles and pregnancy. One of the best ayurvedic doctor of Kutch, Dr. Pooja Thacker led the Garbh Sanskar and Music Therapy sessions along with seminars about Ayurvedic Home Remedies.


Reaching out to underserved areas was a priority, with strategically placed health camps ensuring vital medical services reached even the most remote corners of the Kutch district. The movement embraced innovation by integrating healthcare education into the fabric of cultural celebrations like Sangachhadhwam, Gita Jayanti Parv, Maa Parv and Women’s Parv. This festive approach not only ensured wider participation but also created a joyful learning environment. Finally, the movement focused on prevention by educating students in government and private schools and colleges about preventive healthcare practices, empowering younger generations to make informed choices for a healthy future.

Talking about the future plans , community health director Dr. Krupesh said that the second year of the Heal Kutch Movement promises exciting new developments. Krup Health will delve deeper into the realm of alternative treatments and holistic healing. Apart from Music Therapy, Sujok Therapy, Physio Theraphy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy (NLP), Magnet therapy and many other will be incorporated into the existing framework, offering a wider range of healthcare options to the community. With a team of qualified physicians specialising in these alternative treatments on board, Krup Health is poised to further elevate the level of healthcare available in Kutch.